Agribusiness lighting pictures



“Rodynnyi Dobrobut” LLC. Kyiv Region, Fastiv District



Photos of our clients



List of companies, for which we have projected and

realized illumination for various sites:


  • A lighting project on 500 square meters had been launched.
    Hydroponic method of growing, the NAMI LIGHTING light fixtures were tested (basil, salads, greenery, micro green).
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  • “Rodynnyi Dobrobut” LLC. Kyiv Region, Fastiv District
    Greenhouse complex
    The production of phyto light fixtures for seeding section of 100 square meters was finished.
    Tomato and cucumber growing 2000 square m
    Salads growing 3000 square m.


  • Private strawberry growing by hydroponic method – 50 square m. Dnipro city.


  • “Schastia Zdorovia” LLC. Vertical farms, hydroponic growing method, the light fixtures were tested; an order for 150 square meters was made.